As a media group, we reach millions of viewers and users every day with our TV channels and digital entertainment and commerce platforms. We are aware of our social and journalistic responsibility: our goal is to contribute to society. That is why we are happy to share our core competencies and support selected projects. Find out more below.
Opinion-Forming and Dissemination of Information


Fully inclusive television – for over 30 years, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderung und Medien e.V. (abm) has been raising awareness of the circumstances, concerns and interests of people with disabilities with extensive TV programming broadcast throughout Germany. ProSiebenSat.1 has supported the initiative since 2000 with the magazine show CHALLENGE, which is broadcast on kabel eins and SAT.1 Gold on the first Saturday of every month. In a thirty-minute report, our fellow citizens with disabilities are encouraged to participate actively in social life according to their own requirements. In addition, CHALLENGE informs non-disabled people about life with a disability, dismantles prejudices and promotes inclusive thinking. In 2017, the youth magazine “yoin” and the talk show “Krauthausen – face to face” were the first fully inclusive series to be integrated into the format, with optional subtitles, sign-language interpreters and soundtracks with audio description. This is an important development for the accessible “television of the future,” which ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s stations are actively helping to shape.

day of heroines

With full woman power sixx celebrated the International Women’s Day again on March 8, 2019, under the banner of the Day of Heroines. In the TV schedules, online and on social media channels, the female TV station of ProSiebenSat.1 Group used this day to promote the empowerment and equality of women and young girls in society. Once again, strong, female characters and their stories were featured on International Women’s Day: sixx showed, among other things, the new eight-part online series “Heldinnen – Be you. Be true.” in a two-hour cut on TV. Reporter Melanie Schmitt immerses herself in the unusual everyday life of the eight heroines, who do not allow themselves to be bent by social conventions, and thus provides insights into the professions and hobbies of real everyday heroines.

green seven

Once a year, ProSieben’s logo turns from red to green for Green Seven week. During the annual initiative, ProSieben uses its large reach to raise awareness for sustainability especially among young viewers. For a week, a spotlight is shone on ecological issues. In October 2019, the themed week called attention to the consequences of pollution of the oceans caused by plastic waste under the motto “Save the Oceans”. At the center of "Green Seven 2019" is the 90-minute documentary "Save the Oceans - The Plastics Experiment". In a unique tracking experiment, moderator Stefan G?dde, in collaboration with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Marine Research, is following the path of plastic waste from German households to the sea. With Green Seven, ProSieben promotes a diverse range of ecologically relevant issues particularly among younger target groups – these include consequences of air and environmental pollution caused by cars (“Save the Future”, 2018), melting ice at the North Pole (“Save the Ice”, 2017), protection of water (“Save the Water”, 2016) or the prevention of bee mortality (“Save the Bees”, 2015).

Thematic Films

In 2017 around 139,000 people were victims of partnership violence. The number of unreported cases? Large. 37 percent of young people between the ages of 12 and 19 have been victims of cyberbullying. These numbers are frightening and highlight at the same time the social relevance of issues such as domestic violence and cyberbullying. With its thematic films, the ProSiebenSat.1 Group wants to sensitize people to such social problems and encourage them to reflect. To this end, ProSiebenSat.1 uses its expertise as an entertainment company to emotionally prepare difficult topics such as organ donation or stalking and make it accessible to a broad audience. Thematic films like “Die Ungehorsame” ("The Disobedient"), “Zwei Leben. Eine Hoffnung” ("Two Lives. A hope") or “Nackt. Das Netz vergisst nie” ("Naked. The Net never forgets") were well received by the audience in the past and sparked discussions. In 2019, SAT.1, in cooperation with the Police Crime Prevention Department, sensitizes the public to the topics of knockout drops, stalking and civil courage. In the thrillers "Lautlose Tropfen", "Dein Leben geh?rt mir" and "Ein ganz normale Tag" the dramatic fates of three women are told. These are exemplary for victims whose fate often remains hidden. Further SAT.1 thematic films are already planned. "Aus Haut und Knochen" with Lisa-Marie Koroll and Oliver Mommsen in the leading roles, for example, deals with the subject of anorexia and is currently being filmed in Cologne and the surrounding area.

Online Harassment

Corporate Volunteering

social day

Taking social responsibility and supporting others while getting to know colleagues from other departments: Since 2013, employees – from the General Manager to trainees – have been able to take part in the corporate-volunteering initiative Social Day and volunteer at social institutions for one day during their working hours. Since Social Day began, over 400 colleagues have swapped their office desks for hammers and drills in order to support social facilities for less privileged people.

Social Day


“Help for Helpers” is the motto of the startsocial competition co-founded by ProSiebenSat.1 in 2001 to promote voluntary social engagement. Around 500 experts from business, the public sector and social institutions throughout Germany support the practical implementation of volunteer projects: In a four-month coaching phase, a total of 100 selected initiatives receive specialist advice, personal contacts and detailed feedback in order to develop and realize their ideas. In 2018, 25 of the most compelling projects were again selected by an expert panel and invited to Berlin for the national prize-giving ceremony. Seven initiatives received monetary prizes totaling EUR 35,000 altogether, including a special award from the German Chancellor. ProSiebenSat.1 employees once again supported the competition as coaches in 2018, contributing their expertise in various fields. This year they supported the projects "Back on Track e.V.", "Zeltschule e.V." and "Das Hallo Projekt". The "Back on Track e.V." initiative, which supports Arabic-speaking children and young people at school through targeted support, and the organization "Zeltschule e.V.”, which builds and operates tent schools for Syrian refugee children in refugee camps in Lebanon, were awarded cash prizes for their commitment as two of seven projects. startsocial promotes social initiatives with various emphases, such as migration, social justice and education. In May 2019, the competition entered its 16th round for program year 2019/20. Until 7 July, social initiatives can still apply for 100 consultancy scholarships.

Projects 2019

we help

“Help is a joint effort” – under this motto, the WE HELP project group founded by ProSiebenSat.1 employees in 2015 campaigns tirelessly for refugees in Germany. The initiative aims to develop and implement new ideas and concepts for social engagement. At the same time, WE HELP is in close dialog with the local refugee initiative Helferkreis Unterf?hring. Every year in August, the WE HELP project group, together with the Helferkreis Unterf?hring, their soccer team "Welcome Unterf?hring!" and ProSiebenSat.1 employees, organises a after work soccer match. In 2018 as in the previous year, the initiative put out an online appeal for various drives to collect clothes, shoes and hygiene products for Helferkreis Unterf?hring and the Munich refugee aid association’s clothing banks. Our employees also ran for this good cause in eight corporate runs throughout Germany. For every kilometer run, they received cash donations from the Group and raised a total of EUR 30,000.

Donations and Sponsoring

first steps

ProSiebenSat.1 and other partners honor outstanding graduation films by film school students with the FIRST STEPS Award for young talent. ProSiebenSat.1 Group uses its particular significance as a film production and distribution company to promote young, creative filmmakers and to ease their entry into the media and film industry. The award, with prize money totaling EUR 115,000, was presented for the 20th time on September 9, 2019, at Stage Theater des Westens, Berlin. Four juries awarded prizes in nine categories, including for direction of films of various lengths and styles and a cinematography prize. This year, the most prestigious and valuable individual prize in the “full-length feature film” category was won by Faraz Shariat?for his feature film “Futur Drei“. Since 2012, the NO FEAR Award has also been presented to young producers who have shown particular courage in the execution of difficult subject matter.?This year, Andrea Hohnen, former artistic director of FIRST STEPS, was also awarded the honorary prize for her many years of work.

Under the slogan “Writing for the general public”, FIRST STEPS invited together with its partners 14 participants with nine projects to the SevenPictures Film GmbH premises in Berlin on March, 22 and 23, 2019. After the keynote held by Stefan G?rtner and Verena Schilling from SevenPictures and a group discussion on “Telling stories for the general public”, the panels of experts started, in which the participants received new impulses. Following the pitch of the individual projects, the jury – Solveig Willkommen (ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland), Steffi Ackermann (Warner Bros.) and Sebastian Werninger (UFA Fiction) – selected the three winners, who received exposé contracts.

FIRST STEPS was launched as a private film industry initiative by the producers Bernd Eichinger and Nico Hofmann and is considered the most prestigious award of its kind in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

promotion of young talent in film

ProSiebenSat.1 also promotes young talents from German film and media schools with other initiatives besides the FIRST STEPS Awards. The Group has awarded the Mainstream Prize, which honors innovative ideas for TV films and series, together with University of Television and Film Munich annually since 2011. ProSiebenSat.1 employees follow students as they develop subjects that are then pitched to a judging panel. In 2018, the three best drafts again received prizes totaling EUR 6,000. In addition, ProSiebenSat.1 cooperates with Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and gives out the Prime Time Prize every year, whereby students can subject their concept ideas for a themed film for SAT.1. The prize money totaling EUR 9,000 for the most unusual film concepts enables the three winners to develop their projects further. Besides financial resources and expertise, our stations also offer coveted prime-time broadcasting slots for particularly creative film ideas. In addition, students from Ludwigsburg obtain insights into our stations’ activities every year by shadowing ProSiebenSat.1 employees for a day, attending an editorial meeting and receiving targeted feedback on their graduation films. ProSiebenSat.1 thus makes an important contribution to the promotion of young talent.

Further Cooperations


How does business work? Around 1,500 students from Germany, Austria and the USA try to answer this fundamental question every year while participating in the business@school education initiative. ProSiebenSat.1 has supported the initiative founded by The Boston Consulting Group since 2015 with practical insights into real business models, promoting the participants’ basic business understanding. The students are thus not only taught methodological and practical concepts and relationships in a practical manner, but also acquire a stronger entrepreneurial spirit. In three phases, the participants analyze small and large enterprises over a school year and then develop their own business idea, including a business plan. In 2018/19, a group of students from a?Hamburg high school took a closer look at ProSiebenSat.1. In particular, they examined our TV business and conducted a competitor analysis. They presented their results to a ProSiebenSat.1 jury in their final presentation. In the 2018/19 program year, the business@school education initiative has been running for 20 years, during which time a total of around 23,500 students and 2,700 coaches have taken part.

Girls′ Day

On the nationwide Girls' Day, companies, enterprises and universities open their doors to girls from the fifth grade onwards. As part of the campaign, the girls get to know training occupations and courses of study in the natural sciences, technology, IT and the skilled trades. Around 1.9 million girls have taken part since the start of the largest nationwide career orientation project in Germany in 2001.

ProsiebenSat.1 also participated this year – for the fifth time now – in order to give schoolgirls insights into vocational fields that girls rarely consider in the process of career orientation. Among other things, the participants gained insights into various technical areas such as the tech lab, postproduction, studios and control rooms.

ReDi School of Digital Integration

The ReDi School of Digital Integration is a non-profit school for refugees and asylum seekers who are keen on the topic of IT. Here, interested people receive the opportunity to acquire expertise in programming. The participants can educate themselves in various courses depending on their specific knowledge. Voluntary programmers from IT companies and start-ups support by passing on their knowledge to the refugees. ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions supports the ReDi school since the end of 2018. ProSiebenSat.1 thereby not only assists financially but moreover transmits knowledge. Employees accompany diverse events, hold courses and function as mentors. Because the ReDi school does not only want the technological skills of students strengthened, but also offers various workshops and networking possibilities. In this way refugees can already develop first contacts to potential employers and build up a network.

The idea originates from Anne Kjaer Riechert who founded the start-up in 2015. The impulse for the project was a meeting with an Iraqi who had studied programming but had not practiced it for years. The reason: he did not have access to a laptop. After that, Riechert came to the decision to start the ReDi school – “ReDI” thereby stands for ?Readiness and Digital Integration“. In the meantime, the initiative also offers courses in Munich. ?

we support children

Making children fit for their future and giving them opportunities is one of our society’s biggest challenges. Sport is thereby an essential part of this as an element of everyday life that promotes integration and identity. Therefore, numerous prominent athletes joined the “Wir st?rken Kinder” (We support children) initiative in 2017, which was set up by SportdeutschlandTV, ProSiebenSat.1’s digital sports channel, in cooperation with the charity SOS-Kinderdorf e.V., three years ago. Top-tier athletes from various disciplines invite kids from the SOS Children’s Villages to sporting events or run sports activities as a way of boosting community spirit. The ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary 7Sports thus uses the reach of its digital platform SportdeutschlandTV in order to recruit athletes to get involved in “Wir st?rken Kinder” and to raise additional donations

In December 2018, “Wir st?rken Kinder” initiated in cooperation with Sportdeutschland,TV, 7Sports and Facebook the first digital fundraising Christmas campaign. As part of the campaign, celebrities, athletes, companies and private persons sang their favorite Christmas songs in order to call attention for the initiative of SOS Children’s Villages e.V. In addition, the traditional Christmas singing of football club Borussia Dortmund was broadcasted live to generate as many donations as possible. Aside from 7Sports, the “Wir st?rken Kinder” initiative is also supported by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and German Sports Youth.